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Yes, fuck. How long has it been?

Anyway, a little overview of what happened: Work, work, lulz, work, school, drama, school, work, drama, work, school.

Yes, how fucking sad. A lot of lulz and all that but D: meee my internet life decreased to an absurd level. But, whatever. I'm back... kinda.

Yes, I know, I failed you *cry cry tear tear* but I did read some of your entries. For example: Death Note dub = OH SHI-

I'm absolutely happy right now.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY L!!! You arrived JUST in time...

(My apartment is a mess, that's what happens when you live alone. Stupid camera...)
We are anxiously waiting for Light, he should be joining us in a half a week.

I fucking love Itachi
Tags: comeback, eru, light, love, lulz, no u, urmom, yesplz
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