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Dear Death Note-anti-Light-Kira-anime fangirls:

I fucking hate you all.

For you it may be awesome that Light dies, but it's actually horrible. If you guys had ONE DAMN BRAINCELL you'd figured by now that he didn't have any other option than continuing being Kira.. assholes. Before saying: ZOMG teh KiraZ the BAD GuY and I hate Light bcse he keelz L and he must DIEPLZ. LOL. NEAR PWNED HIM. PWNED. PWNED. PWNED!!!123widquv!!!111shift one!!!23. Answer me please:

What the fuck was he supposed to do?

Scenario A
"Oh look I'm sorry L, I'm actually Kira :D so PLZ take me to jail or kill me"
Scenario B
"Oh L, I'm actually Kira". 5 seconds later is owned by Ryuk because it's booooring confessing your crimes and getting caught.
Scenario C
"I don't want to be Kira anymore D:" 5 seconds later is owned by Ryuk.
Scenario D
"Oh God! I realized all my sins and I want you to for---" is owned by Ryuk.

He didn't have any other fucking chance. There wasn't any option B like "I accept my crimes, I make sexy eyes to Near, he forgives me and we fuck each other to eternity." Either way Ryuk was going to kill him. He killed him because he considered Light in jail was boring...

And please don't give me the: "He shouldn't have done it in the first place" shit because I'll go even more berserk than I am now.

Sincerely hoping you all die.

P.D: Read the manga.

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L and I are feeling way too sad for Light's dead. We are both mourning. Is anyone feeling like us? Probably not. Everyone seems to hate Light... at least I'll laugh/cry at the same time while he's swimming...

Sorry if I haven't comment on your journals guys, I was working and I haven't being online. Now I'm feeling depressed, sad and basically like shit. I'll make it up for you <3
Tags: death note, depressed, dieplz, i hate you, so not lulz
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