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FUCK me In thE HEaD!!!112"IH3984ogqih2q
Really I'm sooo damn excited for the Death Note anime... (even though I still think it won't be as good as the manga). I have all the damn Raito images available. Fangirl =D?

And...here my USERINFO is the extreme SEEEEX. I wish I had a tablet so they didn't look all square-ish (o_O). They look like pixels XD I love it. TEAM RADFEL > your team. :D :D :D :D

If I see Rock do the "magic wings" victory thing again... I'm going to die. SRSLY. That man...agh <3 for him.
I shouldn't be playing SNK vs Capcom 2 (for the 5976495743 time) when in half an hour I have school :D and I haven't sleep since.. yesterday.

Yes I know Whip doesn't have a turtle neck but I want her to have one, so what? :D it's my drawing, my team. Y se pueden ir muy a la chingada si nos les parece! :D
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