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Divine justice does exist.
I hope that piece of shit dies the most horrible death ever seen in humanity. I don't care if you think wishing this is bad. Is bad to kill someone like she did, isn't it? HAHA BITCH! you are dying oooh ever so slowly and I'm thankful for that.

For everyone, I'm talking about the murderer of my uncle. He was an awesome human being and his own wife killed him because she's fucking crazy, let me add she is a bitch.

And she has cancer. I don't know where, but I bet it's in the vagina...

Sorry. Enough. It's just that I'm soooo happy :D

So... I finished two King of Fighters games (99/2000) in 3 hours (using Whip of course) the magical thing here is... that I used my laptop's keyboard. No Joystick, no nothing. Just keys. :D

I want sushi.

WOW! Now I do really have a userinfo. :D
And I started my claim at 15pairings and guess who were the first ones?

I own your faaaacessssss. :D :D :D :D :D
Tags: bitch's dying, drawings., yuugiou
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