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I'm sorry if I haven't been commenting on your posts, but since I'm working I don't have a lot of time. I need to change the stupid pink font that my LJ has...

By the way I have a two questions:

Is it bad that all my lovely friends prepared an entire equipment to tape me while I'm crying with the next episodes of Death note? Y/N?


EDIT: Should I make the Matt & Mello fanlistings... shrines? If yes, would you guys help me? D:

Er.. ok let me re-phrase: Should I make the Matt fanlisting and the Mello fanlisting, shrines? They are separated FLs.

Random pchat doodle with my friend Ana.
Matt: I'm having hard gay sex with Mello! <3

If anyone has OpenCanvas, I'd love to pchat with you guys :D

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