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Hi everyone! I'm back, and still alive.

Welcome to all my lovely new friends from the AWESOME OMIGAWD COMMUNITY capslock_dn meme thingy. I really don't post that much (unless it's yaoi fanart :D) but I do comment on journals and since I love you guys, I changed my layout (LIGHTO IS STILL THE KING OF MY ELJAY! *licks him*) and I'm going to post random Mello/Matt fanart:

To everyone that's on my flist from the past I'm sorry for being lost D: a lot of things happened but since we all hate drama, DIEPLZ my not-so-emo life. If I owe you something, tell me! I most likely have it.

If you want to ask me something, do it. I'm willing to answer everything. You want to discuss some Death Note/Laito/Mello/ice cream related things (serious or not)? YES PLZ. You want to play Xbox online with me? YES PLZ. You want yaoi? YES PLZ, me too.
Tags: death note, fanart, friends, rawr
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